Next-Generation Infrastructure

Taking a Fresh Look

There is much thought and speculation about the future of infrastructure. It’s often called smart city, smart building, or smart infrastructure in the commercial world. In government and the military, digitally converged infrastructure is often referred to as the installation of the future, the base of the future, or smart base. Regardless of the label, the goal is the same: apply technology to improve outcomes.

Successfully Navigating Change

The Vectrus converged environment approach offers an iterative path to infrastructure modernization. Our methodology, which combines a deep understanding of our customers’ core missions with specialized technical expertise, allows us to develop solutions that incorporate existing capabilities with innovative solutions to meet current and future demands.

How to Get There from Here

How do we develop potential converged environment solutions? We look at our customer’s budget, resilience, or efficiency issues, and ask ourselves: “How could we solve this problem differently?” Our engineering and technical team, subject-matter specialists, and customer team look at existing pain points and budget challenges. In combination with commercial best practices, we then apply our expertise to develop converged environment solutions that add value to the operation and the mission.

Unique Solutions

Whether it’s an innovative technology automation solution or an infrastructure-as-a-service model that shifts expenses from a capital expenditure to an operating cost, our goal is to help our customers stretch their budget while improving performance, security, and resilience. Additionally, providing people with the right tools for the job helps retain top performers.