Why Converged Environment

Going Beyond Modernization

Military and government customers face complex challenges as they try to balance changing mission requirements with stagnant or decreasing budgets. New missions and shifting focuses often demand that budgets get diverted to address new needs while management of existing facilities and assets becomes more stressful and challenging. Vectrus is helping our customers address this dilemma with converged environment solutions.

Practical Application of Technology

We help our customers move from a more traditional way of operating facilities, supply chains, and networks to a more converged approach that brings together physical and digital capabilities. Whether it’s a military base, embassy, building, physical asset, or deployed network, we are helping transform current mission operations into smart, integrated solutions that reduce costs, improve threat visibility, and drive smarter, faster decisions.

Holistic Approach

Our converged environment approach goes well beyond just IT modernization. It’s an integral part of a holistic solution. In addition to infrastructure, we also improve the processes and procedures around the technology insertion. Informed by a new set of CONOPS, our solutions help drive daily operations. As a result, the benefits are not just day-to-day cost savings but also include the scalability and flexibility required to quickly and cost-effectively deal with surge requirements.