Vectrus' summer Environmental, Safety, and Health (ESH) Hazard Hunt campaign is back!  The 2020 Vector to ZERO: HAZARD HUNT is a competition through which each of our programs identify and report a minimum of one hazard in their work area. The hazard can be environmental, safety, occupational health-related. 

Once identified, teams should address the issue(s) found and then demonstrate the impact made to the program after the resolution. This campaign begins on Memorial Day weekend and will run through Labor Day week (May 22-September 18, 2020).  


The Hazard Hunt is divided into three milestones each with a separate deadline for submission. While each milestone is open for submissions, employees will receive additional communications and training specific to that section. Criteria for judging is based on how effectively the milestone was met. The Vectrus Operations Teams and Business Advisory Functions will identify the Top three (3) submissions. Vectrus Senior Leadership Team will select the "Best Overall" winner for the 2020 Vector to ZERO Hazard Hunt Campaign.

Milestone 1:  Hazard Identification: Deadline July 10, 2020
Milestone 2:  Hazard Risk Reduction: Deadline August 14, 2020
Milestone 3:  Hazard Resolution: Deadline September 18, 2020

It's important that teams submit all necessary hazard information before each deadline; otherwise, the hazard will be eliminated from the competition.

Hazard Hunt Milestone 1 Poster   Hazard Hunt Milestone 2 Poster   Hazard Hunt Milestone 3 Poster

To print a poster, click on the thumbnail to open. Right click on the open poster and a drop-down menu will appear. Internet Explorer gives you the option to save or print. Other browsers will have similar options in their drop-down menus.   


Three prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

  • First Place
  • Second Place
  • Third Place 

The first place team will receive $2,000; second $1,500; and third $500. The first place team will also be voted "Best Overall" to receive a trophy and bragging rights for the rest of the year!    

Let's Get Started: Register your team here.

Hazard Hunt SharePoint Dashboard

Milestone 1 Criteria and Instructions