ESH Certificates and Awards

Vector to ZERO

Vector to Zero represents our pathway to an incident-free workplace. Vectrus leaders and employees at all levels are empowered and expected to make safety practices and environmental stewardship part of their daily work routine.  If employees see something that is unsafe, they make it safe, and then report it, they are rewarded for doing so. This creates a strong safety culture that reduces incident and injury rates throughout the organization.

Safety process chart

Vectrus Hazard Hunt

Vectrus' annual summer Environment, Safety, and Health (ESH) campaign,  Hazard Hunt, encourages and rewards programs for identifying, reporting, and resolving work-related hazards and risks.

Annual ESH Excellence Award

The Vectrus ESH Excellence Award is presented to recognize outstanding achievements in either environmental protection or safety and health. Nominations may be made for Vectrus individuals, teams or programs. This prestigious award is the highest level of recognition presented by Vectrus for Environment, Safety, and Health. Nominations are made by employees and awards are based solely on meritorious actions.

Each year, the ESH team receives nominations for accomplishments in environmental protection, safety, or health. Every nomination includes details about how the results were achieved while using concepts from our ESH Mission, Vision, Objectives, and Policy. This is based upon safety performance and the following leading indicators: Risk Assessments, ESH Inspections, Preventive Maintenance (PM) Safety Messages, and Monthly Safety Reviews. Other factors such as injury frequency rate and lost workday case rate are included in the recognition.

Employee Authority to Stop Work

To support our culture of safety and the need for all employees to be involved in this goal, we ask all employees for their help. All employees have the authority to stop work and correct unsafe actions if they see or experience them at work.

ESH Employee Communications and Intranet Stories

The ESH Team provides a monthly Safety Moment communication focused on a relevant ESH topic to all employees to increase our overall safety awareness and actions at Vectrus.

In addition, ESH successes across the company are highlighted regularly on Vectrus’ intranet home page for employees. Two recent successes included:

  • Vectrus’ Naval Station Guantanamo Bay (NSGB) Program efforts to conserve resources and incorporate recycling practices in their operations.
  • Vectrus’ Leadership of a base composting initiative in Kuwait supporting the Army’s environmental sustainability goals