The purpose of the ESHMS is to provide the framework necessary for managing ESH risks, helping to prevent work-related injuries and illness and other incidents, and ensuring safe and environmentally-friendly workplaces.

The ESHMS expectations for all Vectrus Programs and Operations are compiled in the ESH Plan and the ESHMS Procedure.

The work Vectrus performs demands a framework which allows us to adjust to customer needs while protecting our people, customers, business partners, and the environment.

What is New?

ESHMS Benefit
ESH Policy Endorsement and Regular Communication Establishes Commitment to the ESHMS & Policy
Establishing a Program Level ESHMS Procedure Provides ability to show conformance to the ESHMS Plan
Establishing an ESH Committee Encourages Worker Participation & Consultation into the ESH Process
Increasing Employee involvement in ESH Activities Encourages Worker Participation & Consultation into the ESH Process
Establishing formal ESHMS Improvement Plans Establishes a plan to ensure continual improvement
Determining Environmental Aspects & Impacts and OSH Hazards & Risks at a Program Level Ensures most risky activities/tasks are regularly monitored and considered for risk reduction procedures and controls
Establishing and Maintaining a list of Legal & Other Requirements Ensures Compliance
Training Needs Assessment Ensures employees have adequate training for their work
Validating Training Effectiveness Ensures the competency and awareness of workers
Enhanced Inspection & Audit Protocol Ensures areas are maintained in accordance with all expectations