How Gladiators and Zombies Help Us Support Our Troops

At locations around the world, we support our troops in austere environments far from home. Sometimes we're making sure critical battlefield networks are operational or repairing combat vehicles so they'll reliably bring back our men and women in uniform. But at some locations such as Kuwait, we provide recreational services that are critical for morale.

In the photo above, we had the idea of organizing a gladiator-style contest for our troops in Kuwait. We were thrilled when the idea grew to include bringing the real American Gladiators to Kuwait.

Later in the year we organized a Zombie run, above, and our fire department set up a giant waterslide at the vehicle test area.

Our team dressed as zombies at the bottom of the slide to attack the runners.  All in a days work to bring some fun and stress reduction to the men and women who give so much to serve our country.