2022 Vector to ZERO: Hazard Hunt

The 2022 Vector to ZERO: HAZARD HUNT is an awareness campaign where our programs identify and report at least one hazard in their work area.  The hazards can be environmental, health, or safety-related.

Once identified, teams  address the issues found and demonstrate the impact made after their resolution.  This campaign begins Memorial Day weekend and runs through Labor Day week.  Specifically, it runs from May 27th to September 9th.


The Hazard Hunt has three milestones.  Each milestone has a separate deadline.  While each milestone is open, you will receive additional details specific to that section.  Submissions will be judged based on how effectively each milestone was met.  The Vectrus Operations Directors will identify the top three (3) submissions.  The Vectrus Senior Leadership Team will select the “Best Overall” winner for the 2022 Vector to ZERO Hazard Hunt Campaign.

Milestone 1: Hazard Identification: Deadline July 8, 2022

Here your team will submit the hazard they will work on for the rest of the campaign.  It should include the assessment tool or method you used to identify the hazard and pictures or videos to show and demonstrate the hazard.  Your write-up should mention the potential severity and likelihood of the hazard and the potential impact on operations.

Milestone 2:  Hazard Risk Reduction: Deadline August 12, 2022

Here your team will submit how they reduced the hazard.  It should include pictures or videos to show how the hazard was eliminated, mitigated, or controlled.  Your write-up should mention the possible reductions in severity, likelihood, or both, after the controls are applied and the projected positive impacts on delivery of services.

Milestone 3:  Hazard Resolution: Deadline September 9, 2022

Here your team will submit the tools or method used to measure positive results and include pictures or videos to show the improvements.  Your write-up should mention the process improvements implemented, the cost savings, and schedule impacts on operations.

Teams must submit all necessary hazard information before each deadline; otherwise, the hazard will be eliminated from the competition.

To print a poster, click on the thumbnail to open it. Your browser should have an option to print the file.  


Three prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

Prizes will be awarded for first, second, and third place.  The winning team will receive $2,000; second $1,500; and third $500.  The first-place team will also be voted “Best Overall” and receive a trophy and bragging rights for the rest of the year!

Let’s Get Started! Register your team today online on our website or by email at VectortoZero@vectrus.com.  Let’s hunt down some hazards!

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