Global Reach

Worldwide Presence

We operate in more than 28 countries and territories on four continents. This extensive global reach allows us to rapidly deliver integrated solutions to national security challenges wherever needed. From the desert to the tundra, the Pacific Islands to mainland Europe, we are astute at managing the geographical, cultural, logistical, and labor force challenges of working OCONUS.


Vectrus has been operating in Asia since the 1960s. Today, we serve the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps in this region primarily through the Fleet Systems Engineering Team (FSET) and LOGCAP V contracts.


Central Asia

In Afghanistan, Vectrus delivers various services through the Operations, Maintenance,  and Defense of Army Communications in Southwest Asia and Central Asia (OMDAC-SWACA) Program. Services include IT and network communication services and facility and logistics services.



Vectrus provides services and solutions throughout Europe. Characterized by long-term relationships, some lasting more than 30 years, our footprint includes infrastructure and asset management, IT and network communications, and logistics and supply chain services.


Middle East

We have a significant presence in the Middle East. With locations in Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, and Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, we provide base operations and support services, IT and network communications, and logistics and supply chain solutions.

The Americas

Vectrus has a long history of working throughout the U.S. and beyond, including in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and even Antarctica. Our featured programs include base operations support and services at Maxwell Air Force Base and Keesler Air Force Base and supporting the Navy’s Fleet Systems Engineering Team.