Engineering & Digital Integration

Assured Interoperability

Integrating complex systems is essential to providing warfighters with the intelligence, situational awareness, and mission-ready solutions necessary to prevail. Vectrus’ comprehensive engineering services are critical to ensuring that disparate devices and systems work together. Using Agile methodologies and DevSecOps, we integrate software development and cybersecurity to deliver secure solutions that are interoperable and can keep up with changing conditions and emerging technologies.

Vectrus also has more than 30 years of electromagnetic spectrum engineering experience that helps us promote the efficient use of radio frequencies for our government, military, and commercial customers. Our full suite of engineering support includes electromagnetic environmental effects analyses, electromagnetic spectrum operations, spectrum supportability risk assessments, real-time/cognitive spectrum operations, spectrum certifications, and frequency management.


  • Systems Integration
  • Software Development
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Cybersecurity
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Engineering

Featured Technology

Quickening the Pace of Technology Insertion

Our Engineering and Digital Integration team leads the way in developing converged environment solutions that merge digital and physical systems and infrastructure to deliver operational, resiliency, and economic benefits. These technology-enabled services include Internet-of Things integration, analytics development, and software and hardware tools that enhance our base operations, logistics, security, and other capabilities. From our 5G Testbed, which ensures that the U.S. government stays ahead of its technology adversaries, to our Vectrus Zero Trust Logistics Modernization Architecture, which guarantees that warfighters have what they need when they need it, our specialists bring the best technology, processes, and programs directly to the warfighter.

Ensuring Clear Communications

Vectrus has developed tools that help deconflict spectrum usage across the entire naval fleet. As part of the Navy’s Real-Time Spectrum Operation (RTSO), we integrate surface radars, combat systems, and communications frequencies to deconflict and reduce electromagnetic interference for ships and strike groups. Our Radio Frequency engineers apply Vectrus-developed tools and algorithms to resolve electromagnetic issues afloat, whether shipboard, ship-to-ship, or ship-to-shore systems. RTSO enables warfighters to maximize the performance of their systems by reducing system susceptibilities to interference. The result: clear communications, increased detection ranges, and enhanced awareness.