Safeguarding Critical Resources

Vectrus has decades of experience securing critical resources around the globe. Our security solutions are at work 24/7/365 guarding our nation’s military bases, important facilities, borders, and other critical resources. Combining integrated monitoring, intrusion detection, access control, video management, and ID badging, our advanced integrated security solutions are certified to meet strict industry and government regulations. As a result, they optimize manpower, minimize costs, increase safety, and enhance situational awareness.

From design and construction to installation, training, and sustainment, we back our turnkey electronic security solutions with full lifecycle support. We also provide other protection services such as static and mobile security, entry and exit control points, biometric screening, interviewing, and personal security detachments.


  • Integrated Monitoring Systems
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Access Control
  • Video Management
  • Design and Training
  • Physical Security Services

Featured Technology

Innovative Mindset

Vectrus is focusing on converged environment opportunities that leverage our security technology to add value to our customers’ operations. Among the options is developing a rapidly deployable, solar-powered perimeter security system to better protect assets at forward contingency operations. Other opportunities under consideration that leverage our security technology include putting temperature-sensor alarms on food chillers to decrease food spoilage, and using our systems to control access to fuel depots. We are also looking at ways to use our advanced access control capabilities for better asset protection in our 5G warehouse initiatives.

Air Force Base Defense

Vectrus provides base-wide security systems for more than 50 U.S. Air Force locations worldwide. Our integrated Air Force Base Defense systems protect assets that are invaluable to the warfighter, including arms, ammunition, and explosives; airframes; and flight simulators. All our systems meet strict federal, program, and service regulations, and many are certified at Protection Level 4 and above. The Air Force is just one of our long-term security customer partnerships. We also provide integrated security solutions for the U.S. Army and Navy, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Department of State and other government agencies, and energy-related laboratories.