With more than 70 years experience, Vectrus has operated globally in a wide range of conditions from modern technologically advanced areas to austere contingency-based locations. Geographic areas of operation currently include: the Middle East (Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain), Central Asia (Afghanistan), Asia (Japan and Korea), Europe (Germany, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Italy and Romania), and the United States.



Vectrus operated large communications systems in Southeast Asia in the 1960s and today provides network communication support for the Navy and the Marine Corps Logistics Support Services .

Central Asia

In Afghanistan, Vectrus delivers firefighting, emergency services, airfield support, security screening, IT & Network Communication services, Logistics and Supply Chain Services, facilities O&M as well as extensive job training for Afghans.


Vectrus provides Infrastructure Asset Management support at Kaiserslautern, Germany, and services such as IT, airfield radar, logistics, supply and network communications in the UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Romania, and Turkey.

Middle East

Vectrus has a major presence in the Middle East, providing Infrastructure Asset Management, Information Technology and Network Communication services, and Logistics and Supply Chain Management services. Current locations include Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates.  

The Americas

Vectrus has operated everywhere from the Florida Keys, Puerto Rico, Mexican border and Hawaii to space launch ranges on the coasts, from defense radar sites in Alaska and the Arctic to Maxwell Air Force Base, Fort Rucker, Fort Benning, Fort Bragg, FOL-BOS in the Caribbean and beyond to Antarctica.