Key Capabilities Used

  • Network Defense/Security
  • Help Desk
  • Full Lifecycle Network Management
  • Warehouse Management and Distribution
  • Network and Communications Operations and Management
  • Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Services
  • Shipping and Receiving
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Exceeding Standards for Reliability and Protection of the Largest, Most Dynamic Network Ever Deployed in Combat

The Operations, Maintenance and Defense of Army Communications in Southwest Asia and Central Asia program provides operations and maintenance services and support for communications and information systems. The Vectrus team includes more than 1,000 Information Technology technicians providing communications and IT services at numerous sites in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait and Qatar.  Headquartered in Kuwait, this program exceeds Defense Information Systems Agency standards (99.95%) for reliability and protection of the largest, most dynamic network ever deployed in combat. Security is maintained for unclassified, secret, and top-secret information networks.  

While the OMDAC-SWACA program falls primarily into the Vectrus Information Technology & Communication Network Services discipline, you will find a number of Facility and Logistics Services in operation at the program as well.

Information Technology & Network Communication Services

  • Network and systems administration, management information systems, global broadcast systems, Theater Network Operations and Security Center, and Regional Network Operations and Security Centers
  • Local Area Networks/Wide Area Networks management, helpdesk, Automated Data Processing Equipment, Defense Message System/Automated Message Handling System, TECHCON, facility control office, satellite communication facility
  • Outside/inside cable plant, Red Switch, Defense Satellite Communications System, the Fixed Regional Hub Node, antenna maintenance, network management, multiplexers, modems, timing/synchronization, microwave, telephone operations, telephone equipment, supply support, local purchase, and property accountability 

Facility and Logistics Services

  • Maintenance of automated test equipment; test, measurement and diagnostic equipment, tie cable (copper and fiber optic), antenna maintenance activity
  • Warehousing, shipping and receiving, and the management and formal accountability of both government-furnished property and government-furnished equipment property book and stock record accounts


Central Asia

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Careers - we are hiring!

A few typical job examples:

  • Network Engineer
  • HBSS Engineer
  • AD System Engineer
  • Arc Sight Analyst
  • Vulnerability Analyst
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Technicians refurbishing a USC-60 Antenna.
Technicians refurbishing a USC-60 Antenna.
Installing cables.
Installing cables.
Technicians perform "Go-No Go" testing and repairs.
Technicians perform "Go-No Go" testing and repairs.
Modem Rack.
Modem Rack.
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