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Working Together

Vectrus empowers companies to be active partners in the work we perform together throughout the world, ensuring success and providing clear direction from the first step we take. Vectrus believes that ethical standards for suppliers are a shared responsibility and a direct reflection of the high standards that we hold ourselves to as well.

Supplier Diversity

Vectrus strives to ensure that diverse and small businesses have equal opportunity to participate in our procurement process. In supporting the development of these companies, Vectrus actively seeks building relationships with existing and new businesses.

Environment, Safety, and Health

Vectrus is committed to Environment, Safety, Health (ESH) excellence. The ESH Department is chartered with, and dedicated to, providing programs and practices that assist all employees and our business counterparts in protecting each other, the communities we work in, and the customers we serve. Vectrus has implemented a Vector to ZERO program to promote and strengthen ESH practices for all employees and our business counterparts.


In-Transit Vectrus (ITV) gives Vectrus the ability to provide lower freights costs to our customers through competition and consolidation of freight.

Contact us at to be added as an ITV supplier.

Supplier Quality

Vectrus is committed to continual improvement for high customer satisfaction and delivery excellence. Our Quality Management System (QMS) establishes the infrastructure and directives necessary to implement and maintain standardized practices, and follows the Plan/Do/Check/Act (PDCA) lifecycle to ensure effectiveness of processes, identification of issues for correction and prevention, and implementation of continuous improvements throughout the enterprise.

Cyber Security

Vectrus is committed to safeguarding Federal Contract Information (FCI) and Covered Defense Information (CDI) as required by the FAR and DFARS. Vectrus Subcontractors and Teammates must be aware of, and comply with, these requirements as indicated in their respective supplier agreements.