Vectrus History Begins with ITT

The International Telephone & Telegraph company was formed in 1920 by two brothers named Sosthenes and Hernand Behn who had a vision of expanding their small Puerto Rico Telephone Company into the first worldwide system of interconnected telephone lines. Thanks to strong business acumen and a series of strategic acquisitions, ITT quickly grew into a major international provider of telephone switching equipment. 


As a global technology leader, ITT was well positioned to provide support services for complex air and missile defense systems (above), large computer networks and infrastructure vital to our nation’s exploration of space.

A Global Services Company is Born 


Recognizing its strengths in technology and infrastructure, ITT created the Federal Electric Corporation in 1945, the service company that would ultimately become Vectrus. By the late 1950s the growing company was awarded the largest and most critical project of its time, the Distant Early Warning system or DEW Line (photo above). Employees operated and maintained the advanced systems developed by MIT at 63 top-secret DEW Line sites above the Arctic Circle.  

ITT Conglomerate Growth Years

From 1960 to 1977, parent company ITT acquired more than 350 companies. The growing portfolio included businesses such as Sheraton hotels, Avis Rent-a-Car, Hartford Insurance and Continental Baking, the maker of Wonder Bread. Under Harold Geneen's management, ITT grew from a medium-sized business with $760 million in sales to a global corporation with $17 billion in sales. For a period of time, ITT was acquiring new businesses at the rate of about one per week. ITT's defense products and our defense services business continued to grow and diversify as well.

From Antarctica to Outer Space

ITT Growth

In the 1970s and 1980s, our global services division within ITT continued to expand into new areas of business. In Antarctica, employees built and operated a power plant (above), overhauled ships, and managed the critical infrastructure, life support and logistics for scientists at the South Pole. 

We also provided support for IT and communications infrastructure at NASA, even serving as the air traffic controllers to help land the space shuttles. In Germany, employees began providing facilities engineering services at Kaiserslautern, Germany, which is our longest running contract and the world’s largest overseas U.S. military community. 

ITT Strategic Restructuring

In the 1980s and early 1990s, ITT restructured through strategic divestitures and acquisitions to organize into more manageable segments. In 1995, ITT split into three separate, independent companies: ITT Corporation, which was focused on the hotel and entertainment businesses, ITT Hartford which became a stand-alone insurance operation, and ITT Industries, which contained defense products and services, water and industrial manufacturing businesses. 

Global Services Business Grows


Our service division within ITT expands beyond supporting space launch and range infrastructure to include the Deep Space Network (above) famous for communicating with the Apollo, Mars Rover and Voyageur missions as well as the Pacific Missile Range Facility. As troubles grew in the Middle East and Afghanistan, we mobilized our capabilities to provide complex, rapidly changing computer network, infrastructure and logistical solutions. This included setting up and operated the largest battlefield network ever deployed and supported the largest logistical effort since World War II.

ITT Defense Becomes Exelis

In 2011, the ITT defense products and services, water and industrial manufacturing areas split into three independent companies. The defense products and services business became Exelis, while the industrial manufacturing business kept the ITT name and the water business became Xylem. 

The largest division of the new Exelis company, the global services division headquartered in Colorado Springs, will become Vectrus a few years later. 


Vectrus Separates from Exelis in 2014

In September of 2014, the global services division, which continues to be headquartered in Colorado Springs, separates from Exelis to form Vectrus, an independent, publicly traded company now free to focus all of its experience and resources on its core business.

Expertise in areas like infrastructure, communications and logistics that extend all the way back to the DEW Line stations in the arctic now support the world’s largest battlefield computer network, the workforce behind the biggest logistical effort since World War II, installing the latest generation of computer networks for the Navy, supporting the Defense Red Switch Network and many other programs.

Our way of rising to solve some of the world's most difficult challenges is captured in our new name, Vectrus, which comes from Vector, representing strong forward direction, and Trust, which is the foundation of our company’s commitment to our customers.

Vectrus, True to Your Mission.

Vectrus Systems Corporation Organizational History

1945 – Federal Electric Corporation was formed as the service arm of ITT.

1958 – International Standard Engineering, Inc. was formed.

1973 – International Standard Engineering, Inc. renamed Federal Electric International, Inc.

1990 – Federal Electric Corporation was renamed ITT Federal Services Corporation.

1991 – Federal Electric International, Inc. was renamed ITT Federal Services International Corporation.

1995 – ITT Indiana, Inc. and ITT Corporation merged to form ITT Industries, Inc.

1997 – ITT Industries, Inc. acquired Kaman Sciences.  This acquisition gave the company engineering, scientific and technical services. 

1998 – Kaman Sciences was renamed to ITT Systems and Sciences Corporation.

1998 – ITT Federal Services Corporation and ITT Systems and Sciences Corporation integrated and formed ITT Corporation, Systems Division.

1999 – ITT Industries, Inc. acquired Stanford Telecom. This acquisition provided the company with communications systems and engineering development services. 

2009 – ITT Federal Services Corporation was renamed ITT Systems Corporation.

2010 – ITT Federal Services International Corporation and ITT Systems Division were merged into ITT Systems Corporation.  Historically, ITT Systems Division, an unincorporated operating division of ITT Corporation, was responsible for the management, provision of resources, and operational performance of ITT Federal Services International Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITT Corporation.

2011 – On October 31, 2011, ITT Corporation conducted a tax-free spin-off of its defense segment resulting in an independent publicly traded company, Exelis Inc.  After the spin-off, ITT Systems Corporation became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Exelis Inc.  On January 1, 2012, ITT Systems Corporation changed its name to Exelis Systems Corporation.

2012 – ITT Systems Corporation was renamed Exelis Systems Corporation.

2012 – Moved the WSOTS and the SGRS business area, which includes programs such as the Deep Space Network, Pacific Missile Range Facility, SENSOR, Spaceport, NASA Wallops Range Operation Center, SCNS subcontract and the Spacelift Range Systems Contract (SLRSC), to Information Systems.

2014 – Exelis Inc. spun off its Missions Systems Division, which included Exelis Systems Corporation.  The spin-off created Vectrus, Inc., a publicly traded company, on September 27, 2014.  Exelis Systems Corporation was renamed Vectrus Systems Corporation, a subsidiary of Vectrus, Inc.

2018 – Vectrus acquires SENTEL Corporation 

2019 – Vectrus acquires Advantor Systems

2019 – Vectrus celebrates its 5-year anniversary on September 27, 2019, after the spin-off from Exelis, Inc.

2020 – Vectrus acquires Zenetex and HHB Systems